About Us

IntelliCraft Consulting is a Recruitment consulting and Recruitment Process Outsourcing company. Our strong experience and good market growth in India, We are one of the premium recruitment solution company in India. Due to technology advancement , out database integration, we have a strong record in placing job seekers across all industries.

We build business partnerships with our clients so we know we can meet their permanent and contract needs, we offer real recruitment solutions. By being equally committed to our job seekers we assist them to build their careers via our recruitment services.

IntelliCraft consultant’s strength in the recruitment industry is our experienced team, our knowledge and working style and structure. We believe in two things. That’s time and quality. If we are able to serve our clients with quality resources with the given deadline, then we will be able to succeed in the market.

Our Advantages


Response Time

We highly believe in responding on time. Our recruiters have got the mixed background of engineering and management, they are well trained and tuned according to recruitment industry needs. We always promise to our client companies that we address and respond to any requirement within 5 hours of receiving it. Our turn out response time is very quick and fast to fulfil your recruitment needs.



Quality matters a lot for us. we take your recruitment needs very seriously. Our recruiters are very careful about job matching. every single candidate we source in the market is matched with job description. we carefully validate and evaluate the job seekers to close the positions. We are committed to deliver quality manpower in the market.


Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery managers ensure that each resume is passing through recruitment quality check. We always aim to close the given positions within two weeks. Our Service Delivery SPOCs closely work with our recruiters and Client companies to fulfil the recruitment needs with given time. Performance of each recruiter is monitored by SD's on daily basis to improve quality and meet the deadline.